DNV GL Singapore

King Edward VII’s Hospital, London, UK

At the suggestion of its insurers the hospital consulted DNV GL about instituting an accreditation that both integrated a proactive risk-assessment methodology and performance-based standards to improve patient safety.

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Healthcare accreditation

DNV GL's assessment team came from both the UK and the US, and fell into three broad disciplines: clinical, physical environment and general/organisational. There were further subdivisions: for instance, within the clinical team, who themselves had clinical qualifications, some inspectors were assigned to work with doctors, while others worked with nursing staff. Ms Jenkins and her team found that the preparatory work wasn’t too arduous. “It was no less rigorous than might be expected,” she says, “but there was less paperwork. Also, as you’d expect from a good accreditation system, elements can be developmental: some of them require immediate action, while others can be allowed to evolve.