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An indispensable tidal farm planning tool, allowing you to analyse the affects of virtual tidal devices to maximize energy yield and return on investment.

Tidal power is an emerging offshore renewable energy source with an important role in our future energy mix. However, exploiting the motion of ocean currents requires the right planning and array design. The placement of multiple hydrokinetic energy devices can have complex interactions with other devices, influencing the total energy yield. Accurately estimating the energy yield for tidal energy arrays enables stakeholders to have confidence in the return on investment. 

Maximize the potential of ocean marine energy sites
With its advanced modelling and analysis capabilities, TidalFarmer lets you develop profitable tidal farms by computing the energy yield given site specific conditions. It is designed and used by our own experts, who have experience providing independent energy assessments for investors and key stakeholders. But thanks to its simple but intuitive user interface, even new users will soon feel like experienced hydrokinetic energy planners. TidalFarmer helps minimize risk and uncertainty, giving key stakeholders confidence in your offshore renewables project and its return in investment. 

3D tidal farm planning
TidalFarmer is the first commercially available 3D array modelling tool for the tidal industry. It empowers you with the ability to test array formations virtually. Important design decisions can be tested beforehand including technology choice, device location and yawing strategy. This lets you maximize energy yields before construction has even begun, to minimize project risk and costs.

TidalFarmer is built on validated wake models that capture wake mixing processes downstream of tidal power devices. It combines these models with survey measurements, site-specific constraints, description of the tidal device and local bathymetry. Based on this bespoke input, it enables you to generate:

  • Resource assessments
  • Accurate energy yields
  • Array-generated wake maps

The software also includes advanced validation features to ensure accuracy. A tide data analysis module is available as an optional module.

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